TAKE Foundation™ Defense Training

About Us

Giving the gift of safety

We've all been there; in a situation that makes you feel just a little bit uneasy. Sometimes it's walking to your front door at night — darkness can play some scary tricks on you. Other times it's in bright daylight, when that stranger walking toward you gives you an unwarranted stare that throws your sense of comfort a little out of whack.

Well, "About Us" is really about you. It's all about your education, safety and peace of mind; things that every young girl and woman should have and hold dearly. T.A.K.E. Defense Training provides girls and women of all ages with unique reality-based, hands-on self-defense training. Such training provides safety awareness that everyone needs and deserves.

Your T.A.K.E. training, an integral element in the comprehensive safety awareness program, will take place in a two-hour session held at various facilities. When you attend a class, you'll receive priceless awareness education and practical application of the skills demonstrated and learned in the session. It's our goal to give you the advantage if you're ever in a situation that makes you question your safety.

When you participate in the program, a Student Handbook for convenient reference will be available. In the handbook, you'll see descriptions of the reality-based training, self-protection tips for your personal safety and pictures of the skills you learned in the training session.

So whether you're in search of that advantage to feel in control of everyday situations, or you want to make sure a bad experience is never repeated, take part in T.A.K.E Defense Training. Power: You have it in you.